Early Childhood Education Series – an Introduction

Once you become a parent you find yourself interacting more with other parents. Your conversations naturally revolve around what it is like raising a little human. When people find out I am a Montessori teacher a few questions generally come up.

*Are you doing Montessori with Leo at home? To which I answer, yes. It’s not strictly Montessori. We don’t have all of the Infant/Toddler Montessori Materials because, let’s keep it real, they are expensive! However, I am doing my best to provide Leo with a prepared environment that encourages freedom of movement and exploration, one that encourages the development of his concentration, coordination, independence, confidence, and sense of order, and one that contains materials that help him follow his own developmental path (i.e. “follow the child”).

Are you going to put Leo in a Montessori school ? To which I respond, “If we can afford it.” Luckily for us our school district has a Montessori program in the elementary school. But hopefully we can afford to put him in our local “Children’s House” at least part time or for half-days starting when he’s two.

Are you familiar with Waldorf/Reggio Emilia? How do they compare with Montessori? To which I respond with a pause and an, “I’m not entirely sure.” I know Waldorf focuses on the arts and Reggio Emilia uses the children’s interest to guide curriculum, but that’s about it.

These questions and others are what have inspired me to do an “Early Childhood Education Series” Some of the topics that I will be covering are:

Choosing the Right Early Childhood Education Center for Your Child – what to look for and questions to ask

The Montessori Difference: a basic introduction to Montessori for new parents

Montessori vs. Waldorf

Montessori vs. Reggio Emilia

So, for all of you parents out there struggling to make early childhood education decisions for your child, stay tuned!


*Check out “The Montessorification of our Home” and “Beyond Pots and Pans” for more insight as to what I do with Leo at home.



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