Happy New Year

I haven't posted in a very long time. Between the holiday season and everything else going on there just hasn't been time. But I view it as a good thing because we have been busy living our very best life. So what have we've been up to? Rewinding back to December, we celebrated Leo's first … Continue reading Happy New Year


Thirty Minutes in the Life of Leo (and the Power of Observation)

Leo is nine months old now. Two thoughts enter my mind about once each every hour. First, I often think to myself, "When did you get so big?". That thought is usually followed up by, "You are SO busy!". Leo is definitely in the age of exploration. He wants to get into everything. I mean … Continue reading Thirty Minutes in the Life of Leo (and the Power of Observation)

The Montessorification of our Home

Long before I became a mother I worked as a Montessori Teacher, working with children ages 3 to 6. It isn't something that I always knew I wanted to do. I more or less stumbled upon it. After graduating from college with a degree in Psychology I had little direction and didn't really know what … Continue reading The Montessorification of our Home

Finding Time for Exercise

Many new moms are eager to "get in shape" after they have their baby. This can mean different things for different women. For some this may mean resuming their old workout regime. For others this may mean finally getting into shape. Whatever your goal may be, it is important that you go slow and give … Continue reading Finding Time for Exercise